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Custom Desktop & Server Systems

BCN designs and builds high-quality custom computer configurations exclusively for use in-house and for on-site technical support clients. By knowing exactly what we put into a computer system, we know exactly what we can get out of it. This ensures our clients receive machines with highly compatible hardware that passes our rigorous burn-in tests.

Rackmount Servers
Generally configured with Dual Athlon MP 2000+, minimum 1 GB of ECC RAM, all on a Tyan Thunder K7X motherboard, these monster machines are well-suited for data center environments to serve as powerful web, application, and database servers.
Only black 1U and 4U chassis sizes available.
Rackmount Server
High-End Workstation High-End Workstations
Choose from AMD Athlon XP 3000 or Intel P4 3.06HT systems, minimum 512 MB RAM. Pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, or RedHat Linux 9.0. Available in a wide variety of chassis sizes, styles, and colors to suit your taste. Our most popular systems are made from black aluminum Lian-Li and Cooler Master cases. Ideally-suited for gaming, multimedia development, and statistical analysis workstations.
Budget Workstations
Intel Celeron computer systems with minimum 128 MB RAM. Audio, video, and ethernet built into the motherboard for maximum cost savings. Pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, or RedHat Linux 9.0. Black, white, and beige ATX mid-tower and desktop chassis styles available. Ideal for use in schools, large computer labs, and offices where only word processing and light Internet browsing are necessary.
Budget Workstation
Custom built system purchases may be subject to minimum quantity requirements.
We do not sell computer systems or parts online at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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