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All BCN shared web hosting accounts are professionally managed services. You may ask "What does this mean?" It means that we are responsible for providing technical assistance in the event of all hardware failure and all operating-system specific software failure. This includes but is not limited to hardware upgrades & maintenance, kernel updates, software updates, network outages, DDoS attacks, etc. Let our professionals worry about your web hosting services so that you don't have to.

Follow these links to learn why BCN is the best choice for your business web hosting and eCommerce web hosting needs.

The NOC is staffed 24/7 by experienced network technicians and a virtually no-hold 24-hour phone support line for business customers. Of course it is also equipped with the standard data center features - controlled environment, fire suppression systems, reliable backup UPS power systems, restricted access to authorized personnel only, etc. For more information, please take a virtual tour of our facility. Internet Data Center

Site owners can sleep easy with the comfort of knowing that our highly-skilled technical staff is working hard to ensure your site's uptime and availability. When something goes wrong on your managed web hosting server at 3AM rest assured that all our primary technicians receive instant pager notification and will investigate.

Take a 100% risk-free trial of our shared hosting services for 14 days. No payment is necessary, we believe that strongly in our service! Let us show you why.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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