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These tutorials show you exactly how to do common tasks concerning your hosting account. (Modem users: please be patient, some of these tutorials may take some time to load. A 100k file will take approximately 20 seconds to load on a 56k connection.

Create a POP email account (142k) Using file manager (283k)
Create a "catchall" email account (132k) Using index manager (153k)
Create an account in Outlook Express (464k) Enabling hotlink protection (216k)
Create an autoresponder (230k) Redirecting a URL (168k)
Create a subdomain (100k) Redirecting mail (164k)
Create custom error pages (173k) Changing your password (168k)
Password protecting a directory (190k) Create an add-on domain (268k)
Create a mySQL database (184k) Create an FTP account (214k)
Managing a database in phpMyAdmin (233k) Backing up your site (192k)
Installing FrontPage extensions (142k) Using WebMail (369k)

REGISTRAR DNS MODIFICATIONS (276k) (384k) (468k) (380k) (471k) (427k)
DRAMS ( (654k) (205k) (410k) (506k) (358k) (486k) (420k) (431k)

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