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Our personal web hosting services are for individuals with web pages, email and sites large and small who still want high levels of performance, reliability and support.

Personal web sites using our hosting servers enjoy extremely fast page loads due to the low client-to-server ratio we maintain and very high transfer rates due to our Internet Data Center's excellent peering.

We make no distinction between business and personal web hosting here, in regards to price, performance or support, because everyone's sites are equally important. Our Linux shared web hosting plans should be sufficient for any personal web site you have.

Since personal accounts are the same as business accounts to us, we will never install any banner ads or pop-up advertisements that distract the visitors on your site unlike almost all free hosting service providers. We consider these advertising techniques to be another form of much hated spam.

Note (Domain Hosting): We do not offer virtual hosting off of our main site's domain. All personal web hosting accounts must be domin name-based.

Note (MS FrontPage): It is a common misconception that sites created with MS FrontPage must be hosted on Windows servers. Although FrontPage is a Microsoft product, FrontPage Webs can be hosted perfectly on a Unix web server with FrontPage Extensions installed.

Take a 100% risk-free trial of our shared hosting services for 14 days. No payment is necessary, we believe that strongly in our service! Let us show you why.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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