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Many factors can hinder your site's maximum possible performance. Poor navigational structure, frames, image maps, misusage of multimedia effects and graphics, and lack of proper hosting are among a few of the most common problems that Web site owners face. The ideal time to start thinking about search engine optimization for your Web site is before the site's creation has even started.

Hiring a development consultant that is knowledgeable in the art of search engine optimization to guide your site's creation can help to ensure that you don't fall prey to these types of problems. Fixing structural issues often requires an entire makeover of your site resulting in thousands and thousands of wasted dollars.

If search engine marketing is important to the success of your site, you must design it to be as "search engine friendly" as possible from the start. Web designers and developers often do not realize that text contained within graphics, especially text inside Flash files, cannot be indexed by spiders. You cannot rely entire on Meta tags to attain top ranking positions, site copy is important too!

BCN search engine optimization consultants will work directly with your developer, whether that be our own in-house development team or another company's, to ensure that your site isn't doomed to failure from the start. We will recommend proper technology usage, coding convention, and alternatives to areas that we consider to be problematic all while explaining the reasoning behind our recommendations as well as advantages/disadvantages.

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