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Are you confused with all the information concerning search engine optimization and the ranking of your web site? You have probably seen the ads where companies claim they submit your site to thousands and thousands of search engines. This practice is almost entirely useless!

The truth is that there's only a small handful of search engines that matter and drive the results of the rest. Through being indexed and ranked highly in these engines you will be able to reach over 80% of the Internet's visitor traffic.

Submitting your site to be indexed by search engines and directories used to be a fairly straight-forward and inexpensive process. When you are submitting it is important to understand the following:

  • What search engines and directories really matter?
  • Does your listing in a particular search engine/directory affect your listing and rank in other search engines/directories?
  • How frequently should your site be submitted? Is there a penalty for submitting too often? What pages should I submit?
  • If you must pay for inclusion, will you get a return on your investment?
  • What is the size of the audience that the search engine/directory has?

We have the answers to these questions and will get your site crawled and indexed in no time. After being indexed, our search engine optimization and promotion services will get your site ranked higher for your specific keywords and keyphrases.

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