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System Requirements

Our service has only two requirements:

High-Speed Internet Connection - Your backup location must have a connection to the Internet capable of sending your data to our servers. The total amount of data any company location can backup remotely is only limited by your connection's upstream bandwidth.

For example, if your location has a total of 10 GB compressed data, and upstream bandwidth of 768kbps (a typical Cable/DSL upstream speed for New England providers), assuming full bandwidth utilization w/o accounting for overhead, you would be able to send all 10 GB of data to our servers in approximately 29.6 hours - perfect for an off-site backup done over every weekend!

1 Available IP Address - This IP can be public or private. If you use NAT or a firewall on your network, the permissions for the backup server's IP address must be user-configurable. A small set of incoming and outgoing ports needs to be open for proper system function. We will assist you if necessary with firewall configuration.

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