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On-Site Technical Support Contracts

If your organization requires on-site visitation frequently or at scheduled intervals, this is the solution for you. We offer several different plans to fit your needs and budget from only a few hours a month to full-time on-site consultants.

Clients under technical support contracts automatically receive priority trouble ticket resolution - especially useful at critical times when major software flaws, vulnerabilities, and virus attacks threaten many of our clients' systems simultaneously and our on-site technicians are booked for extended periods of time.

Service Type Standard Advanced
Bronze Package:
Six hours included monthly technical support, 25% off destination charge.
$500/mo $800/mo
Silver Package:
Ten hours included monthly technical support, 50% off destination charge.
$800/mo $1,200/mo
Gold Package:
Twenty hours included monthly technical support, 50% off destination charge.
$1,500/mo $2,000/mo
Custom Package:
If you require part- or full-time support on a scheduled basis, we may be able to offer a custom service plan with no destination charges and even further reduced hourly rates.
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  • On-site services carry a 2-hour minimum charge billed in -hour increments.
  • Non-profit organizations receive discounts on many service fees, details here.

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