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Telephone / E-Mail Support Contracts

If your organization doesn't frequently require on-site visitation but still needs occasional phone or e-mail support that can be done off-site from our office, a telephone support plan might be a more cost-effective solution for you.

Monthly rates provide service availability only. Actual consultation time is billed at the end of the month. Any user in your organization is able to request support. We do not bill for simple questions having one-minute answers.

Service Type Rate
Home Office: Residential (1 - 3 PCs) $39.95/mo
Small: Business (1 - 4 PCs) $59.95/mo
Medium: Business (5 - 8 PCs) $99.95/mo
Large: Business (9 - 20 PCs) $199.95/mo
Organizations with more than 20 PCs are not eligible N/A

  • 10% discount applied to pre-payment in full of any term-contract.
  • Off-site services carry a -hour minimum charge billed in -hour increments (web site maintenance services carry a -hour minimum charge).
  • Non-profit organizations receive discounts on many service fees, details here.

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